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    http// - Concrete Fencing Cork - 087 2781076 Maybe you havetaken into consideration Conc...
    http// - Concrete Fencing Cork - 087 2781076 Maybe you havetaken into consideration Concrete fencing in Cork recently? http// - Concrete Fencing Co Cork - 087 2781076 Maybe you have considered Concrete fencing Co. Cork lately? Concrete fencing is fitted using H type concrete posts, which permit pre-cast 1 in height concrete panels slide down a track into position. Subsequent panels are stacked to desired height. All posts and concrete panels are toughened by means of steel to ensure utmost strength and stability. This is a quick economical substitute to walls because it is erected at a fraction of the time. THis is quality pre cast walling more suitable to outside boundarys as its single sided. Concrete slabs can either have a smooth appearance or rock faced pattern finish. Posts can be smooth finish only. Concrete Panel Fencing is on the market up-to 2.4mt high. Post lengths used will depend upon ground conditions. We supply high quality concrete pre-cast fencing obtainable in brick faced, wood faced or stone faced finish. All are dual sided making them perfect for domestic garden use. http// - Concrete Fencing In Cork - 087 2781076
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